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Exterior Waterproof Membrane| Necessity and Advantages

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most durable kinds of Waterproof Membraneis Exterior Waterproofing necessary?How to select Waterproofing Membrane method?where to buy waterproofing membrane with low price?

Our home is the best place that we feel tranquility and peacefulness and you know that a peaceful home needs exterior waterproof membrane.

It’s horrible to imagine that in a beautiful rainy day you are resting in your cozy home but suddenly you feel water dropping from your roof. So a wise man always take care of his house and here we are to help you in this case with our best waterproof membrane.

Exterior Waterproof Membrane| Necessity and Advantages

most durable kinds of Waterproof Membrane

most durable kinds of Waterproof MembraneGenerally, we have two kinds of waterproofing membrane:

  • Sheet based waterproofing membranes
  • Liquid applied waterproofing membranes

As the name implies, these are membranes that arrive at the site in the form of rolls. These are then unfurled and laid on a firm surface. The most common type of sheet based membrane is a bituminous waterproofing membrane. This type of membrane is stuck to the substrate with a hot tar based adhesive using blowtorches.

Other types of sheet based membranes are PVC membranes and composite membranes. The latter have a fabric base that provides strength and tear resistance, and a chemical that coats the fabric to provide resistance.

Liquid applied membranes come to the site in liquid form, which are then either sprayed or brush-applied on the surface. The liquid cures in the air to form a seamless, joint-free membrane. The thickness can be controlled by applying more of the liquid chemical per unit area.

is Exterior Waterproofing necessary?

is Exterior Waterproofing necessary? Well, you know how the saying goes” prevention is better than cure” so our waterproofing membranes are here for you to help you in expanses. Imagine that water or moisture leaked into your house or even your pool, what a catastrophe!

On the other hand if you compare our services price you will understand how cheap it is to waterproof your lovely house.

The best time to install an exterior waterproofing system is when a house is under construction. Installing this type of system on an existing house poses a number of problems, as explained below.

  • Expensive.  To install a waterproof membrane on the exterior of an existing building, it’s first necessary to fully excavate around the foundation. Skillful excavation using heavy earth-moving equipment can be very expensive.
  • Damaging and disruptive. The excavation process often involves removing trees, shrubs and garden areas next to the foundation. Patios, walkways, and decks may also need to be removed.
  • Limited effectiveness. When properly installed, exterior waterproofing systems can stop most of the water leakage that typically occurs through basement walls. But these treatments do nothing to stop water from leaking into the basement along the gap between the basement floor and basement walls. Even with a well-functioning exterior waterproofing system, it’s possible to get water leaking into the basement.

How to select Waterproofing Membrane method?

How to select Waterproofing Membrane method?Depending on the structure and need, the waterproofing membrane can either be applied to the interior (negative), such as the case with repairs, the exterior (positive), or in places inaccessible by people (blindside).

Positive waterproofing membranes are applied to the exterior face of a structure. It can be applied above, below, or at grade to surfaces that will get wet due to exposure to weather conditions and the surrounding soil. Positive waterproofing is a critical step in construction because it prevents moisture infiltration and protects structural components, including the concrete and steel.

Negative side waterproofing is applied to the interior face of a structure. It keeps water from entering an occupied space and is applied to what is known as the dry face. Negative side waterproofing is primarily used for water holding purposes.

where to buy waterproofing membrane with low price?

where to buy waterproofing membrane with low price?In the end, I’m sure now you are convinced that your lovely house needs our waterproofing membranes, and let me inform you that our company has the best membranes in Iran, and even in Middle East. And now it’s time for action to protect your house or your pool etc. From further disasters.

And don’t worry about anything we will give you free advise and we will do all the works.

Don’t hesitate and prevent your house from curation.


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